Monday, September 3, 2012

Visuals are the New Content

With rising popularity of sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, it is evident that the appreciation of beautiful photography and breathtaking visuals has increased. Businesses are well aware of this fact and are in turn learning to "showcase" their products rather than simply talk about them. Personally, I follow various clothes stores and jewelry companies on Instagram. Numerous times, I have been prompted to go on their websites and purchase items after I have scrolled through something that caught my eye on my feed. I know that I am not alone and this seems to be the newest trend taking the marketing world by storm.

It is no secret that Social Media trends are constantly changing and evolving. However, I would say that this appears to be one that will be around for awhile. The exact revolution can be traced from lengthy blog posts, followed by brief Facebook statuses, to 140 character Twitter posts, and now finally Pinterest and Instagram posts. It is also much more convenient to simply snap a photo, rather than compose a detailed blog post when on the run. People are busier these days so they are more likely to look at a picture rather than read multiple paragraphs. In fact, a 2012 Study by ROI Research discovered that Social Media Users enjoy viewing their friends' or companies' photos more than any other posts and are more likely to respond in some way to these types of posts.

The evolution from content to visuals allows people to decide what they are interested in quickly and efficiently. Additionally, people can share companies' photos with their friends, increasing the traffic of the company's website while simultaneously encouraging engagement. Ultimately, this new trend is more convenient for both the consumer and the marketer. Companies that engage is this new type of communication will undoubtedly see success and improve their sales.

To read the full Fast Company article on the rise of visual social media, click here.

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