North Road Communications

Our student-run agency’s mission statement is based on three central principles:
  • Doing: North Road Communications is a proactive agency. All members must be dedicated to the work we do and have the desire to take it further.
  • Helping: We take on local non-profit clients and offer counseling and services to meet their public relations needs.
  • Learning: It is important to remember that we are students and this is a learning process. Everyone’s opinions and ideas are important
General Information: 
College is a place to learn. It is a place to discover new things about ourselves, and specifically to realize skills within each of us that we may not have ever known we possessed. That is precisely what the founding members of our student-run public relations firm, North Road Communications, hope to bring to their members and their clients. The firm stimulates learning through the principles of “doing” and “helping.” This is to ensure that members of the firm get hands-on experiences with real clients to aid them in their process of learning about the public relations industry.

The firm started in 2011 and was inspired by a public relations senior capping project. Please email for more information.
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We offer a variety of communication services including:
  • Researching and providing strategic communication counsel
  • Writing media and other marketing/promotional materials such as press releases, brochures, newsletters, event signage
  • Developing and executing social media strategies, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Coordinating logistics for and providing on-site assistance at special events

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