Friday, April 27, 2012

Internship advice: The do's and don'ts

This semester, I interned at a mid-size PR agency that represents consumer and lifestyle brands. The specific team that I supported was within the beauty division on the Olay team. Though I have had internships before, this one truly opened my eyes to the world of PR because I received hands on experience in an agency. I really enjoyed working with the Olay team, not only because I received some free swag, but also because I learned a lot!

I picked up a few do's and don'ts that will serve as subtle reminders while interning:

Do bring a notebook and pen with you to meetings and even impromptu run-ins with your supervisor.

Do ask if you are unsure how to prioritize tasks, your superiors will know what needs to be done right away and what tasks can wait.

Do strike up conversation with co-workers. This makes for a comfortable and personable environment.

Don't assume. Never ever ever. Always ask, no matter how silly you think it is!

Don't be afraid of anyone, no matter their title. An internship is your chance to network and learn more about your field of choice. Do take advantage of that!

Do set up informal, informational interviews with co-workers. Again, this is a great opportunity to learn more about PR professionals and the PR field.

Don't sit around waiting for your supervisor to give you your next task. Do be proactive and ask if your supervisor needs help with anything.

Do arrive on time and stay until all your tasks are finished: it shows your dedication and commitment.

Do keep in contact with co-workers and supervisors! They can provide you with great recommendations in the future.

Don't be negative. Your internship is an extended interview to see how you do, even if you're doing administrative, seemingly meaningless tasks. Always be positive!

I hope you take my advice and keep it in the back of your mind at your internship!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Clean up your social media sites!

We've all been advised to clean up our online social sites many, many times. But this is yet another piece of advice: actually do it. Clean up your Facebook, Twitter and any other site you partake in. Why? Because companies are increasingly recruiting online; just check out this infographic. Maybe then you will at least want to monitor your profile picture (it gets the most attention).

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Facebook buys Instagram: The competition

The photo-sharing app Instagram has been acquired by Facebook this past Monday. Just last week, the mobile app launched for Android users. Prior to this, Instagram was only offered to iPhone users. Even still, it was already huge.

Facebook values its photo-sharing experience, but realized that Instagram was beating them at their own game: users uploading what they are doing along with their location. Facebook now has a ton of the mobile app's users, as well as Instagram's experienced team of social app experts. This, above all, is what Facebook wants. Zuckerberg, in the Instagram announcement, explained Facebook's intentions to “try to learn from Instagram’s experience to build similar features into our other products," while also stating that they are “looking forward to working with the Instagram team, and to all of the great new experiences we’re going to be able to build together.”

Facebook does intend on developing Instagram independently, but also hopes to utilize Instagram's experienced team to develop its own products. Only time will tell what Facebook plans to do with its new mobile app purchase. Why do you think Facebook bought Instagram?

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinterest ranks as the No. 3 social network

Pinterest has reached 21.5 million visits and has beat out LinkedIn to earn its well deserved spot as the third most popular social network, behind Facebook and Twitter, of course. A social site with as much momentum as Pinterest is being utilizied not only for personal reasons, but for brands as well.

One of the top 10 most-followed brands on Pinterest is Real Simple not surprisingly due to its fashion, recipe and organization advice. A post on provides us with insight to brand success on Pinterest.
  1. Variety: Real Simple has 57 boards, each titled to attract a narrower audience. Some boards include: "Celebrate Easter," "Problem-Solving Products" and "Healthy Eating."
  2. Consistency: With over 2,000 pins, Real Simple offers a steady output of content to gain exposure and engagement.
  3. Relevance: Pinterest users are 80% women and Real Simple targets this audience. Brands should keep in mind the interests of their customers and pin content accordingly.
  4. Quality Photos: Real Simple demonstrates how high quality images satisfy the audience's need for visual appeal.
To see how Real Simple manages its brand on Pinterest, click here.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

JetBlue PR's "medical situation"

The recent "medical situation" aboard a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas, in which the captain "flipped out" yelling about Iraq and Afghanistan, has created a crisis for JetBlue PR. Passengers subdued the erratic captain while another captain, who was travelling, entered the cockpit to take over the other's duties in a diverted landing in Texas. The situation was called in as a "medical emergency," though this statement became criticized after audiences learned of the captain's psychotic attack that threatened passenger safety.

In response to the situation, JetBlue posted a statement on its blog:

“The pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo, TX for a medical situation involving the captain. Another captain, traveling off duty, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo, and took over the duties of the ill crewmember. The aircraft arrived Amarillo at 10:11 am CT, and the crewmember was removed from the aircraft and taken to a local medical facility."

The CEO Dave Barger appeard on the Today Show last Wednesday and referred back to the blog post when asked about the situation. He clarified the fact that the situation, though called in as a medical emergency, turned out to be something more affecting safety.

The airline continued to update its blog with information, as well as responding to tweets that directed followers back to the blog post.

Let us know what you think. Did JetBlue use social media effectively to handle this PR crisis?