Monday, September 24, 2012

Ensure your cover letter stands out in the PR world

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When it comes to writing cover letters, some processes simply come easier than others. It is painless to write an amazing cover letter for a company you are passionate about. However, what happens when you know little about a company but are eager for the relevant experience? It becomes a little more difficult. Whatever the case, cover letters allow you to stand out and get your resume to the top of the hiring agent's desk. That is why it is essential to put your best foot forward in the process and follow the succeeding tips from The Hoohirewire:

  • Structure and communicative skills are important, however, content is critical.
  • Do research on the company beforehand. Address the letter to a specific person, find out about their clients, investigate their industry, and discuss at least one of their goals. 
  • Read a recent post and find out the tone of the company, so you know whether to concoct a professional vs a creative cover letter.
  • Devise an argument in which the hiring agent sees the addition of you to their team as the answer to one of their problems. Are they searching for someone with Sports PR experience or do they need someone with a knack for Twitter? Find this information out and put yourself out there. 
  • Next, explain a specific strategy or plan you would follow to solve their current problem. Use specific numbers or percentages. Also, explain why you chose PR in relevancy of this job and be enthusiastic about your future at their company.
  • Finally, make sure there are no grammatical errors and that it is less than one page in length. Personalize it somehow to make it really stand out.
Ultimately, your cover letter is the best way to get your foot in the door at a particular company. Be sure to make it personal, relevant, and catchy. 

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