Thursday, May 31, 2012

A North Road Communications Update from Firm Director, Julie Moller

I have recently begun my work as Firm Director with our student-run PR firm, North Road Communications, and it has already been both hectic and exciting! First, I would like to give kudos to Charlotte Catania for having been firm director for two semesters and never breaking a sweat. She made this job look so easy!

This past month, a few members of the firm were promoted to the position Account Executive. These ladies showed great dedication and really hard work this past year with our client projects. Congratulations to our new Account Executives Jackie Mucilli, Erica Jordan, and Jennifer Laski!

Though May brought the end of another school year, members of North Road have still been hard at work on projects for our clients. The most time consuming of them has been a social media proposal. It’s more challenging than any of us initially expected, but definitely a learning experience.

Initially, I was under the impression that creating a Facebook page for a client would be the easiest task we could take on. After all, I’ve been creating and recreating my social media presence since I was in high school. However, there are many more factors to consider for an organization. For instance, who is your target audience? Can that audience be reached via social media? What are the best ways to advertise that you have established an online presence? We’ve realized it’s also important to establish which social media outlet is best for the organization. While Twitter may be ideal for a celebrity or persona, it may not be the best avenue for a non-profit organization.

Luckily, Facebook has recognized these difficulties for non-profit organizations and created a helpful guide that can be found here

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