Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interviews: There's an app for that

Technology has affected everything, including the interview process. Now there is an app for everything, even for brushing up your interview skills. When you take a break from updating your Twitter handle, check out apps that will benefit your interviewing skills.

Below are a few that you can utilize to set yourself apart in an interview.
  • SayHired offers a free service to conduct a phone conversation. Practicing to answer interview questions will improve your ability to speak effortlessly in an interview.
  • Job Internet Questions provides you with all the interview advice you will need. Take some time to learn how to behave in certain interview situations.
  • Interview Questions Pro contains vital information you need to succeed in an interview. You will be advised on how to address interview questions, which questions are appropriate to ask the interviewer and tips on how to conduct yourself.
Today, we have countless outlets we should be taking advantage of to better our interviewing skills. Brittany Troyer features a few interview apps on Come Recommended, though a full list of apps aiding the interview process can be found on CBS News.

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