Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook Timeline: The music video

The new Facebook Timeline allows users to essentially tell their life story through social media by including important dates and events. One pop star in particular creatively utilized the storytelling layout of this platform to narrate the events of their career. Katy Perry debuted her new lyric video for "Wide Awake," at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards which features lyrics to the song, as well career highlights and her own cover photo, pictured below.

Watch the entire lyric video here.
Celebrity Timeline pages were introduced in February. Not only does Katy Perry aptly use Facebook Timeline, but she also incorporates the evolution of Facebook into her new video. It seamlessly integrates the story of her album Teenage Dream while documenting the evolution of Katy Perry as the global pop star she has become.

Social media extends far beyond the reaches of users like you and me. And celebrities are helping to extend its reach by overlapping video and social media channels, as Katy Perry has done. Do you think this Facebook Timline lyric video is groundbreaking in the way that it promotes Katy Perry, her new song and social media? Does the Facebook Timeline layout truly embody the narration of one's life or, in this case, career?

Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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