Friday, May 10, 2013

New Social Media Websites to Try

As college students and PR majors, we are constantly looking for the most up-to-date social media websites that set us apart from the competition. According to Ragan's PR Daily, there are currently thirteen new sites that they are loving right now. I decided to investigate and give you guys my top seven to familiarize yourself with before you start your summer internships/new jobs! Be the first to tell your boss about any of these and I am sure they will be blown away:

  • Tagboard
    • So cool! Type in something that is being talked about, and this website will bring you every single piece of content including that hashtag in order of relevancy.
    • For example, I searched Marist and the picture above is what it gave me.
    • This is a great resource for keeping an eye on your client on social media.

  • Woobox
    • This platform should be used by people who wish to engage their followers in things like contests and sweepstakes.
    • It allows for easier marketing and monitoring of various coupons and contests.

  • Piktochart
    • Marist PRSSA members love infographics
    • This site allows users to create their own infographics using various designs and templates

  • Feedspot
    • This tool will allow users to keep up with their favorite websites easily and efficiently.
    • It helps find blogs and websites that are similar with users' interests. 

  • Picozu
    • Want to make your photos look even better than usual? Use this site!
    • It features editing tools that will set your pictures apart from the competition's.

  • Rockmelt
    • Think of it as a combination between Pinterest and Stumbleupon.
    • Users can search various topics and get Pinterest style icons to scroll through and explore.

  • LiveTweetApp
    • If you want to generate word of mouth at your events, use this tool.
    • This app decides what is actually relevant and will then broadcast it to your audience.

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