Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dove: You are more beautiful than you think

Picture via realbeautysketches

Yesterday, I was loading a Youtube video when the Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" video came on. Normally I skip ads, but I decided to watch the video and I am so glad that I did. Although I do consider myself to be an emotional person, it is not every day that a company's campaign brings tears to my eyes.Take a look for yourself:

The video features a former forensic artist who draws two sketches of the participants  without ever have seeing their faces. One portrait is drawn based on how the person describes themselves and the second is based on a stranger's description of them. Ultimately, this experiment proved that the participants saw themselves as imperfect and purposely described their flaws to the forensic artist. The portrait that was described by the stranger, however, portrays the participants in a more favorable light, ultimately proving that "you are more beautiful than you think". 

Although Dove and Unilever are receiving some backlash for the campaign due to "hypocritical marketing", I think it was genius and very touching. Many people are too hard on themselves and fail to see their true beauty. I applaud Dove for the creativity in which this campaign stemmed from and the many lives that they touched in the process. 

It is getting harder and harder for brands to stand out amongst the competition. Campaigns like Dove's Real Beauty Sketches are the ones that leave a lasting impression and bring positive results for their brand. Although not the most far-fetched idea, I feel that the experiment's results were very powerful and go along perfectly with previous Dove campaigns and the reputation surrounding their products. Ultimately, I would have loved to have been behind this campaign and sincerely commend Dove's finished product. 

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