Friday, April 5, 2013

The week for basketball

When deciding what to post this week, the obvious choice was how Rutgers and the way they went about handling Rice's abusive nature towards his players. However, I decided that I didn't wish to give that awful man any more recognition than he has already received. Instead, I wanted to focus on another basketball-related story that I simply can not get out of my mind even though it occurred almost a week ago. The agonizing Kevin Ware injury.

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or any basketball fanatic friends, I am sure that you know exactly what I am talking about and have already seen the gruesome video of the injury multiple times. I had actually been watching the game with my mom when the injury occurred. As someone who played sports their entire life, I felt for the teammates and was moved by their tears and obvious concern. The people in the stands were crying, the other team was upset and even the coach was wiping tears from his face attempting to gain back control. The entire scene was truly a moving one and everyone felt for Kevin Ware, as well as the rest of his team in that moment.

Immediately, the video of his injury went viral and became a trending topic on twitter in the form of #PrayForWare. People everywhere began tweeting about the scene and many well-known users sent their condolences to Ware and his Louisville teammates:

Ex quarterback.

Former football player.

College basketball star.

Although a fake Twitter account was created, Louisville sports information director, Kenny Klein, kept everyone up to date on his injuries. Additionally, Kevin Ware's actual Twitter account, @_billionairebev, gained thousands of followers and received many wishes of good health and healing. The following day, pictures of Ware on crutches and with the trophy were tweeted by Kenny Klein, inspiring hope to all:

Ware looks to support his team as much as he can as they continue on in the Final Four tournament. His story simply moved my heart and I am so proud of him, as well as his teammates and coaches. Social media can get a bad rep sometimes, but in times like this, when a young athlete is able to receive so much support in real-time, its good is truly emphasized. My best wishes go out to the Louisville Cardinals and Kevin Ware. They are set to play tomorrow, and until then I feel that everyone could use some inspiration from this optimistic, talented athlete:

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