Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet our incoming e-board!

Congratulations to our new executive board members for next year! Our chapter held elections on Wednesday, March 7th and could not be more excited to collaborate with the new board to keep growing as we enter another academic year!

2012-2013 Marist Red Foxes PRSSA Chapter Executive Board

Chapter President
Incoming: Michael Bernardini
Outgoing: Alexis Murphy

Vice President (President-elect)
Incoming: Erica Conover
Outgoing: Michael Bernardini

Vice President of Chapter Development
Incoming: Jackie Mucilli
Outgoing: Lina Kirby

Public Relations Director
Incoming: Meredith Lowe
Outgoing: Lindsey Sacco

Firm Director
Incoming: Charlotte Catania / Julie Moller (interim until January 2013)
Outgoing: Charlotte Catania

National Delegate
Incoming: Deanna Morosoff
Outgoing: Dana Karas

Incoming: Shane Kelly
Outgoing: Erica Conover

Incoming/Outgoing: Abbey Scalia
Incoming: Elizabeth Odachowski
Outgoing: Catharine Gatlin

Faculty Adviser
Jennie Donohue

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  1. Congratulations to all outgoing and incoming board members for your outstanding work over the past year. See my blog post about your accomplishments at Best wishes to the current board for 2012-13!