Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brands have fun with Facebook timeline too

A Coca-Cola advertisment in the 1970s.

Since Facebook timelines went live for brands to use at the end of February, several brands have become uniquely creative in developing their history. They've utilized the timeline to tell a story about their brand.

Coca-Cola includes a founding document from the 1800s, as well as consumer testimonials. There's advertisements from the '40s and '70s that display a hint of Coca-Cola's flavor as a brand like the one shown on the left.

Tide answers the question of how the laundry detergent brand got its name. Legend has it that the company president, while strolling on the beach, noticed how the tide washed the shore and cleaned the beach. It is amazing to see how advertisements developed through the years--just take a look at the '40s ads for Tide when it was founded!

To see more cool Facebook brand timelines including Old Spice and Burberry, check out the complete article here.

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