Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twitter offers more languages: Hello, hola or ciao

As a member of PRSSA, I receive emails that keep me up to date with all things PR. I occasionally scroll through the updates and click the headlines that catch my eye. Twitter happens to be my new social media networking site obsession, so anything Twitter related is of my interest.

Last week, PRSA's Issues & Trends email included the headline 'Twitter Now Supports 21 Different Languages.' Naturally, I clicked the link and read on.

I found out, within the article, that Twitter has been slowly adding more options to its language settings since 2008, when it added Japanese. You would think that Spanish would be its first option other than English, but it was not offered until 2009. As of December this year, Twitter added four new languages including Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Polish.

All in all, Twitter supports 21 different languages. As a Spanish minor, I find it interesting to have the ability to tweet in Spanish. It is intriguing to see a social media networking site such as Twitter offered in other languages. Offering such a wide variety of languages opens doors to PR professionals across the world,  especially global companies because it provides them with another platform for communicaiton. It makes me wonder if my future PR career might include tweeting in Spanish. Es posible, ¿no?

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