Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The beginning of Marist's student-run PR firm

Last year, a senior's capping project inspired the student-run PR firm on campus called North Road Communications, a fitting name. Our new Hancock Technology Center transformed this capping project into a start-up business entirely run by students in PRSSA spearheaded by Charlotte Catania, our Firm Director. As supervisor of our Client Research team, I was extremely excited to take part in this opportunity. Other colleges have created successful student-run PR firms that even make a profit. To be a part of the beginning stages of something that can develop into a profitable PR firm is truly amazing.

Fall semester proved to be the beginning of North Road Communications. Charlotte organized weekly meetings to brainstorm ideas about every aspect of the firm: potential clients, service offerings, etc. As this semester comes to a close, we are anxious to get started working with our first client in the spring.

We have the chance to receive real world public relations experience through the completion of tasks that will be carried out entirely by our group of communciation students with guidance from a few professionals. It will be a learning experience beneficial not only to our résumés, but to our knowledge of the public relations industry. I am looking forward to working with our team of PRSSA students to contribute toward our goal of providing our first client with exceptional work.

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