Monday, January 20, 2014

NFL endorsement deals: True reflection or facade?

Picture via HeraldNews

Coming off of the great Sunday of football, I thought that a reflection on the endorsement deals that this year's four final quarterbacks have would be an interesting topic. First of all, it is very evident that all four of these men have extremely differing personalities and are known to the public for very different reasons. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are both experienced and talented quarterbacks who have been around for awhile, while both Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson are relatively younger and representative of the new generation of quarterbacks. Although some similarities, their differences far outweigh and are visible not only on the field, but in the world of NFL endorsements as well.

Off the field, Brady is known for his fashion sense, supermodel wife, and lavish spending. Manning, on the other hand, is often referred to as an "average joe" and depicts a humble individual, despite the fact that he is extremely wealthy and enjoys a lavish lifestyle as well. In regards to Kaepernick's and Wilson's off the field persona, look no further than this (relatively bias) comparison put together by Mashable:

Picture via Mashable

My question, however, is whether these men come into the NFL with these types of personalities or if perhaps, the brands they decide to endorse paint a picture of their personalities that is not one hundred percent accurate. Are these endorsement deals true reflections of the individuals' morals or are they all a facade? It's an interesting thing to think about and one that I feel many lose site of. After all, the media can construe things in whatever way they see fit and these endorsement deals are just another way they are able to do so. To see some of the brands that these players endorse, check out the full article at Time Magazine.

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