Monday, February 4, 2013

Last night's Beyonce Concert (I mean Super Bowl)

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, I am sure you are well aware of the plethora of events which have recently taken place. There was a football game, a blackout, a Beyonce concert, a Destiny's Child Reunion, and plenty of mediocre commercials. 

That is not to say that there weren't a few great commercials. However, according to the New York Times, many of the ads depended on outdated ad tactics. Many commercials simply missed the mark and included tried and true outdated implications. A few notable ones which took this approach would be Century 21's mother-in-law reference and an Audi commercial that took place at a prom. There was also a central theme around space (Axe Apollo, Kia Sorento, and Lincoln). The New York Times list of "outstanding" ads include Bud Light, Oreo, Taco Bell, and Budweiser. I find it is also valuable to note that many of the ads contained a hashtag for people to tweet about. To me, this emphasizes the power and popularity of social media in this day and age.

Moving on to the football game itself, it is safe to say that it was mostly one-sided and boring. That is, until there was a blackout. Unsurprisingly, the blackout was filled with various renditions of a tweet claiming that "Ray Lewis had killed the lights, allegedly". Moreover, the blackout caused the 49ers to gain momentum, while also allowing the Super Bowl to gain more viewers. This occurred because it pushed the game into prime-time hours and the ending was quite dramatic.

Finally, discussion of this year's Super Bowl would not be complete without a reflection on the incredible half-time show. After facing much adversity for "lip-syncing" at the presidential inauguration, Beyonce most definitely redeemed herself and then some. Beyonce's performance rendered a total of 5.5 million tweets according to Mashable. The most tweets came in at the conclusion of her performance, when the members of Destiny's Child shot up from the floor, and Beyonce's performance of "Single Ladies". Instagram was filled with 200 Beyonce photos per second, including the star herself posting pictures of the action backstage. Furthermore, Beyonce saw a 49,000% increase, Destiny's Child saw a 10,000% increase, and the phrase "killed it" saw a 40,000% increase in mentions on Facebook at the conclusion of her performance. I have never been a huge fan of Beyonce, but my feelings have definitely shifted after watching last night's powerful performance. 

Ultimately, this Super Bowl was one for the books. From the dramatic ending leading to a Ravens win, to the blackout which almost changed the entire game, this Super Bowl was nothing short of great entertainment. It is also safe to concur that Beyonce "killed it" and Jay-Z is one lucky man.

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