Friday, February 8, 2013

Jason Mraz features user's tweets in latest video

Everyone has heard of singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz. On a snowy day like today with Valentine's day just around the corner, my guess is that you could find countless girls curled up in their beds listening to his melodic jams. He has gained much popularity with many great hits, including "I Won't Give Up", "I'm Yours", and "Lucky". 

But what I bet you didn't know, is that his latest single's music video features tweets by ordinary Twitter users and fans. The song is called "The Woman I Love" and talks about how the artist feels about the woman in his life. He expresses the good and the bad in the video and features himself, as well as a beautiful young woman, acting as "his woman".

What ultimately sets this video apart, however, are the tweets which pop up throughout the video. Jason Mraz and his director, Elliot Sellers, posed a challenge on Twitter for users to tweet what they considered "the woman I love" to mean to them. The users were to tweet their thoughts with the hashtag #MrazingTheVideo. Here a few that made it into the finished project:

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I found this idea to be both clever and sweet. I also think it is just the beginning of what we can expect from artists utilizing social media in their music videos. User generated content is gaining popularity and something like this allows users or fans to enter a challenge and anticipate the results. This then leads them to get excited about the premiere of the music video and share it with their friends. It is word of mouth at its most basic form and I applaud Jason Mraz and his director for this successful project. 

Take a look at the video and enjoy on this snowy day:

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