Monday, October 29, 2012

The future of PR

Yet again, it is time to choose classes for the upcoming semester. As I read through the descriptions of classes in the catalog, I find myself wondering which skills I have obtained that will have the biggest impact on my job seeking process and future career. An article by Youtern, one of my favorite websites to seek career advice from, recently emphasized particular college skills that they claim really make a difference when it comes to acquiring your first job:

  • Communication Skills
    • All types of communication are important. Whether it be face to face, over e-mail, or via texting, communication with peers, teachers, and parents are all beneficial to your future career. The art of communicating with others is an invaluable skill which you will utilize each and every day in the workplace. It is important to understand which type of language is needed in a particular situation, such as informal communication with co-workers or formal communication with a potential employer. On your resume, this skill should be evident through the layout and the wording on your document.
  • Writing Skills
    • Every college paper that you write is beneficial to your future. These writing skills can be acquired through the composition of papers, resumes, press releases, blog posts, and even e-mails. Your resume has the ability to be the epitome of your writing skill, so make sure it is perfectly executed and all in the same tense.
  • Time Management
    • This skill is essential in the Public Relations industry. Juggling extracurricular activities, leadership positions, part-time jobs, internships, and classes will most definitely come in handy when you are in the workplace. Often, you will be assigned many different projects at once and organization, as well as adequate usage of time are essential. Emphasize activities and positions which required you to use your time management skills on your resume and explain them in detail.
  • Networking
    • You may be surprised to know that your networking skills at this point in your life are already top-notch. You have already built rewarding relationships with peers in your major, professors, and internship supervisors. These relationships will undoubtedly play some role in your future and may even get you your first career. 
  • Software Skills
    • The technological skills you have acquired since high school are important. However, college is the first time that the technology you use will be more specific to your future career path. On your resume, list the technologies specific to your career and make sure that you are actually proficient in them.
  • Integrity
    • Remaining true to yourself, accepting your faults, and being transparent will get you very far in life. College is a place to grow up and become the person you have always wanted to be. Although you may have stumbled once or twice, whether it be a bad grade or bad decision, everything you experience makes you stronger and will allow you to prosper both in the workplace and as an adult.
To complement this list of skills, I wanted to include an infographic regarding the "Future of Public Relations". I found this Press Index post especially interesting and hope that you will also!

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