Thursday, October 18, 2012

Man jumps from space

As many of you probably know, a man jumped from space on Sunday and broke many world records. As I am leaving for a ten day adventure to Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris tonight, I wanted to do a less serious post regarding Felix Baumgartner's "24 mile skydive boon". First of all, do you guys think that it was legitimate or was it a well executed project by photoshop and other media video technologies? Whatever the case, Baumgartner caused quite a stir on the social media front:

  • His jump was watched by approximately 8 million Youtube viewers. Many tuned in to watch the live stream of his video. My housemates and I were among the many because I saw a few people's tweets and Facebook statuses about it.
  • The picture of Baumgartner on his knees when he finally reached earth was shared by over 29,000 people and liked by about 216,000 people. Additionally, Red Bull promised to ask Baumgartner three questions created by Facebook and Twitter users.
  • Half the worldwide trending topics on Twitter were regarding Baumgartner's jump. Athletes and celebrities weighed in on the event and gave their two cents. 
All in all, history was made and anyone who tuned into it was apart of it. Whether or not the jump was legitimate, it will go down in social media history.

To read the full article, click here.

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