Thursday, March 28, 2013

Major brands join in on marriage equality debate

This week's Supreme Court hearings regarding marriage equality sparked a lot of debate. While you were scrolling on your news feeds, many of you may have noticed that, in a way, Facebook had turned "red". This was because many users were posting on their pages or changing their profile pictures in support of marriage equality. The Human Rights Campaign's red and pink equality logo was everywhere you looked, and that was a beautiful thing.

In response, many brands put their own spins on the logo and began posting it on the web. Although I do believe that brands look to put their name out there in any way that they can, I feel that this was different due to the fact that brands undoubtedly were going to experience some backlash due to their position on the matter.

Therefore, any company that posted their own equality logos were publicly stating that they believe in marriage equality and the ability for them to do that is something that is still relevantly new. It is social media which has made it possible for brands to support things of this nature and I feel that it will only have a positive impact in the future. It is remarkable that brands are now able to publicly express their feelings in real time, and when it comes to something like marriage equality, hopefully make a difference in the world.

Here are a few of the variations: 

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