Monday, December 3, 2012

Social media marketing

According to Mashable, social media marketing is a waste of time. In an article written this past week, the highly established website which focuses on social media topics, determined advertisers should stop paying for fans not yet acquired and work harder to make their already established fans happy. 

The reasoning behind this determination stems from the fact that Facebook is by far the most visited social network and the fact that they have recently changed their algorithm, reducing the amount of brand posts their users see. Ultimately, Facebook remains the powerhouse among social networking sites and marketers need to adapt to this ever-changing social network. 

According to the Socially Aware Blog, the average amount of time a Facebook user spends on the site every month is seven hours. Here are how other social networking sites compare:
  • Tumblr - 1.5 hours
  • Pinterest - 1.5 hours
  • Twitter - 21 minutes
  • LinkedIn- 17 minutes
  • Google+ - 3 minutes
At first, I disagreed due to the amount of time allotted to Twitter. However, the study did not allocate for mobile usage. I feel that that most people check Twitter from their smart-phones, rather than on their computers, which is why these numbers look the way they do. Ultimately, all of the amounts would have been higher, including Facebook, if the study had included smart-phones.

It is undeniable that the amount of time people spend on social networks will only continue to rise, while the amount of time people spend socializing face to face and on the phone will continue to decline. This means that advertisers will need to adapt in the future, or will face severely falling behind more technologically savvy companies. 

Conclusively, Facebook has the right to change its algorithm whichever way it deems fit, as it is attempting to make money for itself. Marketers will simply have to adapt and discern the fact that if they do put out the extra money, the amount of users who will view their ads will be monumental to their business. After all, social media is a force to be reckoned with and is changing the very way marketers and advertisers will function forever. 

Here is the Socially Aware Blog's infographic regarding time spent on social media:

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