Sunday, August 19, 2012

International internships: Challenges & benefits

A week from now, I will be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. I most likely should be packing now, but instead I'm worried about completing my international internship application. I have quite a bit of time to finish it, but its completion is looming over me. I plan on interning during the spring semester in Madrid through an internship program offered by my abroad university.

I see an international internship as a challenging, yet exciting experience. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work and learn while living in an entirely different country, environment, culture and, in my case, language. Now, several international internships are offered in English-speaking countries--I'm just challenging myself that much more to practice and learn another language.

  • Obtain a student or work visa for the country in which you will be interning.
  • Complete the application process which can include, but is not limited to, a cover letter, resume, letter of intent, and language assessment. For my application, I completed a language ability test, received a letter of recommendation from one of my Spanish professors, created a European resume and wrote a Spanish cover letter.
  • Work while using and understanding another language, possibly.
  • Cost of airfare, transportation and housing, depending on the program you are in.
  • Develop a global perspective in an increasingly globalized marketplace.
  • Receive academic credit.
  • Meet new people from places you otherwise would not know.
  • Practice language skills to enhance proficiency with the hope of becoming fluent.
  • Adapt to a new culture, as well as work culture (i.e. the Spanish siesta).
  • Enhance your resume.
  • Live and work in an environment outside your comfort zone.
Having the chance to understand the world from a new perspective, with the ability to learn transferrable skills at an international company is incredible. The indepence and responsibility required to complete an international internship already stands out on one's resume. I personally am excited, though a bit nervous, to intern in Madrid--speaking Spanish in the workplace will definitely be a learning experience.

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  1. It will be really hard to have international internships! But, getting those programs is the key to improve ones personal and career growth.