Saturday, July 7, 2012

North Road Communications Update from Firm Director, Julie Moller

This past year was our very first as an established student-run PR firm at Marist. Our first year has been a great success; we ended the year with three clients in the Dutchess County community and successfully aided in the production of two client events. But now is the time to be thinking about how we can further our success. One of the challenges of starting up a student-run firm is figuring out what kinds of services can be offered to the client.

We could offer very minimal services during our first year because we had zero funding and almost no experience to work with. Many of us had yet to even have an internship in the PR field. This is why I look forward to the new school year. I think that with everyone’s resumes expanding and our experience in the PR field increasing, as a team we will be able to offer not only more services, but more valuable work.

My goal is that we take our internship experiences – the good, the bad, and the unglamorous – and implement those lessons into our playbook for North Road. I’m hoping that each returning member – and future members – of the firm will bring with them the valuable knowledge that they have gained at their respective internships this summer. Areas I know we can expand on are in perfecting a press release, use of a wider range of PR related programs such as Cision Point and even Photoshop, and how to interact with clients in all sorts of situations.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned from my internship experience this summer as well as seeing what our firm members will be bringing to the table.

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