Monday, November 21, 2011

Media Diet: Are you missing a food group?

As a Communication major I am required to take Communication and Society (However, newbie Comm majors have to take Digital Toolbox). I was assigned a "Media Diet" essay in this class. Basically, I had to dissect my life in terms of the media I consume.

So what media do I eat every day? Well, prior to explaining my media diet, you must know that I have a Blackberry. No, not an iPhone...I wish. The point is that people with a Blackberry are usually addicted to them. I can adequately say that I'm addicted to my Blackberry. Why? Because it has everything: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, the Internet. It's a change from my old enV Touch when I had to pay extra to use the Internet feature. Definitely an upgrade. So when I wake up, I shut my alarm off on my Blackberry (obviously) and check my notifications which are mostly emails and Facebook, sometimes Twitter if people decide to be so generous as to tweet me. But I get lots and lots of emails, usually from LinkedIn. They send updates about what's going on in the PR World, which prove to be interesting articles.

My new favorite form of media that I consume daily: Twitter. I would say that I overindulge in Twitter; it's my main consumption of media. I started eating Twitter last summer at my internship. I was the Social Media intern, but I had never caught on to Twitter. I decided to start using my account. I made one last year, but never actually tweeted. I instantly became obsessed. I found out that I could follow whoever/whatever I wanted. In my opinion, Twitter is a series of clicks. I follow Mashable, a social media news site, that leads you to one article but reallly a multitud of others due to enticing article titles. Click, click, click...and you eventually end up reading and reading tons of information.

Social media is definitely my favorite media food group: Facebook and Twitter, with some Google+. I get most of my information from these social media networking sites. As for other forms of media, I do not read newspapers unless I read newspaper articles online and I do not watch TV for the most part. Blogging is a newly added food group, but I like it so far. Twitter has led me to lots of interesting blogs.

Ultimately, this assignment made me realize how much media is out there and how much I think I should be consuming. As a Public Relations major, I should be up to date with everything there is to know! I question if I am missing a food group. Are you?

My professor gave us a link to get an idea of media professionals' media diets. Here it is so you can see what media professionals consume...  

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